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Ethyl Alcohol Injection Therapy for Neuromas A

A landmark scientific research paper entitled, The Treatment of Intermetatarsal Neuromas with 4% Alcohol Sclerosing Injections was published in the November/December 1999 issue of The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. In this study, 100 adult patients with previously untreated intermetatarsal neuromas received three to seven injections of a 4% alcohol sclerosing solution every 5-10 days. No additional treatment was provided during the visits.

Table 1 shows the number of 4% ethyl alcohol injections performed.

Total Number of Injections Given

Number of Patients

3 13
4 19
5 18
6 11
7 39

Table 2 shows the number of cases presenting with single inter- space involvement.

Intermetatarsal Space

Number of Cases

2nd 11
3rd 81
4th 8

Table 3 shows the total percentage of reported improvement noted by the patients at end of study.

Number of Cases

100% Improved

60% -85% Improved

% Failure

100 82 7 11

In summary, The use of a series of 4% ethyl alcohol sclerosing solution showed an 89% success rate. Of the 89 patients that were improved, 82 had complete resolution of symptoms. The results of this prospective study indicate that the alcohol sclerosis treatment of intermetatarsal neuromas is a viable alternative to serial steroid injections or surgery for persistent symptoms.